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Silicon prism

Especial Optic produces a wide variety of Silicon Optical Components, including Silicon optical lenses, IR filters, Silicon prisms and windows.

  The refractive index of the monocrystalline silicon material is about 3.42, and the reflectivity of the silicon lens after polishing is about 30% in the air environment. Our common silicon lens and silicon window can be coated on the surface (Antireflection Coating), which can reduce the reflectivity to less than 1.5% between 3 to 5 um.

  Some silicon elements, especially the silicon protected windows, are exposed to dust, acid, salt and so on in the harsh environment. The conventional multilayer antireflection coating will be damaged and affect the normal work of the equipment. At this time, we need to make DLC coating on the surface of the silicon lens.

Silicon prism(uncoated)                                                                Silicon window(AR coated)

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