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How to select an infrared transmission window?

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Currently, there are over a dozen different infrared window materials to choose from, each with its own characteristic properties. There are several factors that must be considered when choosing the optimum window material for your application needs. To select your window material, consider the spectral range to be studied, the chemical properties of the sample versus that of the window, the physical properties of the window, and finally the relative cost for the specific need.

The factors affecting the amount of energy through the transmission cell (exclusive of the sample) are: the transmission range of the window, the effective thickness of the window, the amount of energy lost due to reflection at the window surfaces, and the energy losses due to usage, such as marring and fogging.

So if you're going to use choose a IR window, please cosider the issues bellow:

1. application wave length

2. chemical properties: refractive index

3. transmittance: depends on thickness, coating and so on.

4. price: best price including freight cost and leading time.

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